• Nailholes and Cracks to be patched.
  • Scrape and Sand the surfaces where necessary
  • Caulking around window and door openings where necessary.
  • Protect customers' personal property including furniture, carpets, floor, windows, and etc.
  • 100% Interior Acrylic Latex Finish.
  • Furnished and Occupied water damage or mildew areas.
  • TSP solution, Base board, Varnish, Kitchen Cabinet.
  • High Pressure Wash to clean up - dust, mildew, oil, chalky areas, and etc.
  • Scrape and Sand loose, flaky, peeling paint Resurface any demage areas on stucco with elastomeric base.
  • Patch and repair cracks and b reak areas where needed.
  • Elastomeric Chaulking around the windows and door opening where necessary.
  • Apply Prime coat Spot prime or Full prime.
  • Finish coat Body surface, Trime surface, window putty, 100% Exterior Acrylic Letex Finish.
  • Protect customer's personal property including autos, shrub, plant, walks, drivway, windows, and etc.
  • Leave job site clean and orderly on daily baisis.
  • Overhangs (Eves) to be a body color or trim color.

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